VEGANism : It's for everyone
 vegan AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING hopes for all
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Vegan Creatures ~ true creatures of reality

I know how much of a ‘turn off’ the vegan word/ideation can be to someone who was like I was prior to the 21st century.

When I look back I wish I would/could have paid more attention to the VEGAN word early on, my hope in writing this and other pages is that others may read enough of this to see thru to veganism. And then think for themselves on the level and advancement of veganism.  I think many will be amazed at themselves once they get right down to it, and so as to say.  There are probably many things that YOU would come to be able to teach/show me about veganism.

I grew up in a society that was not vegan. I know how it was to hear about things like "meat is murder" when you’re not a vegan ~ It sort of offends you. But if you follow thru and examine your own life along the way, I hope to think all of you will come to consider and realize the valiant truth of the VEGAN word.

I say this out of a caring heart, in the name of humanity and the "life force principles" of which I am aware.  I am a man.  I do not have all the answers, I make mistakes from time to time. I hope to reduce mistakes as I progress into the future.

I was brought up believing that "meat" was healthy and good for you to eat, not questioning anything because I was submerged in what it was I was eating.  For me personally, It was when I "went off alone" as to when I began to think about and grasp the realistic view. I had the time and environment to CONSIDER things. Yes it is true that my new-found thoughts and "awakening" by in part had to do with things other people taught me all along thru-out my life trails.  For some others it may have been that CROWDED-BAR as to where they had the break-thru to awaken, for each person it would be different I would think. The common link is that we in fact did change.

When I first became "vegan" I did not really like the notion of separating myself into a category so called; "vegan" ~ largely because I think I just woke up to the feeling that being vegan is the true human’s stance and there should be no need to distinguish myself in to some separate category, but then I realized the word as a "tool". Perhaps the tool of a word itself in which I could reside, with hopes of saying "hey, let us all get back to the garden" in a beautiful valiant way.


 I must interject here and say this : BE CAREFUL of agencies who "fly the vegan flag" but who are not really vegan. Forced NEUTER and SPAY are NOT vegan practices, such is just the OPPOSITE of the "vegan stance" and in all reality it could undermine the vegan movement. If any man or agency made a mistake on the vegan road or before the vegan road I think the first step is to realize just that, and set a course from there.  I myself made mistakes on roads,  sometimes if we had no one to guide us we needed to FORGE OUT and make discoveries on our own, trying to be ETHICAL to the best of our abilities. (waiting on a friend)

Also realize that just because something is "vegan" does not necessarily mean it is "safe" for human consumption. For example, there are certain rocks/drugs which would be considered "vegan" if you ate them, however you may not want to eat such for safety reasons.

Veganism is then in turn essentially concerned with ETHICS, personal health issues are in fact "secondary" in a vegan's life. The fact is most people who get on the"vegan-road" also tend to become concerned about their health for logical reasons of THE LOVE OF LIFE and wanting to share such with the ones they grow in love with for as much time they can.


The phrase "input/output" is a very important phrase. I do believe that what you put into your body affects you in a way, I do believe that my consumption of animal products in my life, in part thru chemical processes/functions of the body/brain, did in fact lead me to do certain negative behaviors. The whole notion of "you are what you eat". I am still being negatively affected by poor water quality or poorly grown produce,  that's a whole other part of the story; as I think that if we STOP the MURDER and RAPE those things will clean themselves up by and thru our "BEYOND VEGAN" stance. Granted, some of us may not make it if we do not have cleaner water and better grown beans, here and now today.


It’s almost common sense type science once you realize it,  some people may have been more triggered off than others. When you tell me that slicing up chickens and cows is ok, do you think I’m going to grow up and think that stealing "sports-equiptment" is bad? Some people may have been tragically genetically triggered to go out and commit more rape. Obviously there are so many different odd synthetic chemicals which have been in foods or in other consumer goods, also. When you look at the bigger picture you see the comparison of the human body to a "test-tube".

When we examine who is to blame for this situation, I hope we all can come to realize that on some levels it’s something we as a society got wrapped up in so deeply and for so much time,  we sort of became consumed by what we were consuming.


Let’s suppose that I,  had to make a defense for all the people who consumed animal products by and thru murdering, raping and otherwise exploiting/abusing animals. What would I say, on all our behalves? Well, each person's case is different however for most of us WE would probably say something like this: We would use example of the SLAVE OWNER who owns slaves because he was born into such a society. There are other examples  of things which people where "ignorant to" as an entire society,  prior to learning.  Sometimes it's based on something that our society was taught, which in fact was not a good teaching or upbringing.  And I would say yes we were WRONG to do those things, however we did not know that it was wrong. The question would really have to be posed to the individual as to what and how the specific individual views life and what the individual was aware of at the time of the "incident".  In other words if people do not realize it is wrong to murder animals is it comparable to the whole human-slavery issue, is it not?(I’m not saying that the reason for human-slavery is the very exact same reason as the reason of other-animal murder, but perhaps similar on levels. ROOTS) ~ A situation where one group of people decide to lock-up or repress another group because the other group looks or stands a little different, and they figure or were taught to treat them in a repressive way sometimes as if it was like playing checkers.(like it was a routine motion thing to do) 

PHYSICAL REALITY: It’s still as any event is ~ based on real world events, for example: this situation starts when generation after generation is taught what they are taught about murdering/raping and eating animals ~ one of the most gross and horrifying things which man as a culture has done.  So I would tell the Court this in defense and say perhaps use this perspective.  Man should perhaps set up REFUGE for the other creatures in some cases.

A main goal at this point should be vegan meals for all, as so there may be some GREATER UNDERSTANDING and hope in the next line.



Whether it be a chicken or human barbecue. If I paid the guy to give me the murdered-meat ~ I was by in part responsible for the murder.

Even if you are eating non-murdered meat, meat that was either from accidents or natural deaths ~ I do not know if it would be very wise to do that or not.

Animals should not be sold. We have plants in that beautiful design. SELL PLANTS /free animals.

For most of us the way to be an ACTIVIST is to simply NOT buy the RAPED or MURDERED PRODUCTs : (meat, milk eggs etc)... if nobody supported it, most of the problem would go away.  And the footholds of change would be to that depth...

If people would just stop raping/murdering/stealing from animals, we would see things differently. THE PICTURE PRESENTED AT LARGE. I loosely think I understand the stance of people and I want them to know I’m not writing this in any other way, I once did not see to that higher hand of man and it took thought and experience for me to open my eyes. WHAT IS HUMANITY

Concerning my personal awakening I was in a place(living alone, after I heard a word from a lady) where I had the time to put thought into the concept of veganism and it is that thought in that way which allowed me to see to stop eating meat.  It was in turn an old friend who actually encouraged me to go on the vegan road, I was walking around saying  ~ "I do not eat animal products",  a trek was encouraged ... and so the little voice inside said DON'T LOOK BACK.  I see(because I was once there) how hard it can be for people who are submerged in certain lifestyles to break free from such chains as it once was for me,  I encourage you to make steps in that direction... FREEDOM.(ethical-responsible freedom is the only real freedom)

There are many reasons not to eat meat, milk or eggs. (think about it)

I do believe that in the "beginning" it was Vegan ... although I have no real proof, just a feeling... LIFE and the ESTABLISHMENT


For my ideal diet, I personally may not really want to eat "YEAST-additives" or "BACTERIA-additives" or ROCKS for that matter, I think ideally I want an all plant based diet. I may or may not choose to eat SYNTHETICS at times. If someone else wants to eat "ROCKS", I do not have a problem with that individual's choice where as I do have a problem with someone's choice to MURDER or RAPE creatures. (I am against murder and rape.)

One day there will not be a need to say "vegan" when referencing meals, because all will be as such. I guess for history and as for the hope we do not get off track again we should always try to teach the VEGAN word in homes and schools.(the tool of what it means)

For those who make the argument that it’s wrong to "kill plants" or to those who use such as their justification to continue on murdering animals. ~ There is a complete difference between plants and animals. However, more-over to suggest that it’s wrong to consume plants is essentially to not see the beauty of the design; the creation of such "plants" so that the creation of such "animals" have this bounty of plants to consume.  And looking at it from the plants 'perspective' animals enjoy and carry on with the plants thru propagation of the plants. I may say/suggest this : There is a notion of PAIN which animals feel that plants do not.   ode to the wondrous plants.When you eat plants they become a part of you. The spirit flow within.

For animals to murderously consume members of our own kingdom is wrong. We may need to lend a helping hand here and there, fencing; to protect certain animals from roads and segregation or in some cases re-integration in order to bring peace. Man has manipulated many creatures over the years who may need a helping hand to be able to return to a more natural/appealing state of existence.  Outside the animal kingdom there may be CREATURES/ENTITIES existing to where it would be WRONG  for man to RAPE them.

Currently, by living the way we do as an earth-society(non-vegan), we are limiting our evolution.

Coming from the level of "need". Why do something which causes painful harm to another? Wouldn’t you rather lend a helping hand?

One does not have the right to MURDER another in some attempt to feed the FLESH of the SLAIN to the self or child of ONE.


I think it’s going to take "notable people" to promote veganism or it will never get off the ground. And the BANDS and BANKERS of the idylls and accounts we so adore, to say and echo in this new revolution.

Plan- to have in mind (intend), to devise a project, the realization or accumulation < ~ a program~ > an arrangement of parts of an overall design or objective

Horses were not meant to be ridden/used in the way men use them today. Bet on your own back.


Perhaps man is not only harming his own evolution however other creature’s evolution, by/thru feeding animal products to a cat for example.

revolution tune: Children, eat your vegetables today, cast aside the meat which gets in the way.

"Domesticated animals" : help them get back to "where" they want to truly reside ~ provide a plant based meal.  When where is based on how.(of cats and man too)


When you’re a kid, and you are forced/supplicated/subjected to eat meat, basically that’s what parents feed you, you really don’t have an option, you get "trained" and brought up into thinking it’s ok to eat murdered-meat, when it’s not ... It takes time to see and break free...  I wager; the sooner you can see thru the lies the better off you’d come to be. In some societies the child is MISGUIDINGLY led to believe that it is not murder when one consumes flesh in that way.


As I see it, one of the best parts of the "Bible CHURCH Lessons" is what I saw in a picture The notion of all sorts of animals being able to live together in peace(without eating/attacking each other) GENESIS: AND SO GOD GAVE TO MAN PLANTS

things are going to change: VEGAN LAW and order to say ~ PEACE

Being vegan helps bring, peace, love, happiness, joy, smiles, and tears for knowing....

green, go green, grow green the magic of nature

CONSIDER: stewardship, knowledge



Wouldn't you rather teach your children about the wisdom of a bird in the wild as compared to a bird in the slaughterhouse or on your dinner plate. A free-BIRD IN THE BUSH is much better than any number dying in pain. (I pray for every-bird and all men to be vegan)


To me "dominion" should mean something like "care in peace". So as to say we have "dominion"(true dominion) when it is alright, not when creatures are misplaced/misguided/mistreated as in that case it is a completely different story.

 If there are laws prohibiting the murder and abuse of one animal then those laws must be errected and extended to all animals. Obviously, laws aren’t the "solve all" solution/answer. They do however stand as guideposts, and signs of direction. Are they sometimes the only thing certain people respond to?

Did we really need a law to tell man it was wrong to have human slaves? History says that on some levels we did.(the decent awakened majority/power at the time had to act to put in place the law, and then enforce such a law)

I hope we can all act better to the other animals who reside in our environment.

I hope to see the day when, the slaughter-serving establishments are no longer around and we see many diverse vegan establishments, of joy and peace, with the people’s extended approval of good cheer.


TRAGIC-PERSPECTIVE of my gross MURDERS : And so I had been consumed, now I sit and wonder. Thought before sleep that I remembered... the wiggen-creature labeled "pig" splattered the wall, the kfc bone plates, the ribs of vomit, fish murders on the beach, the bb-shot filled rabbit, the serene deer murder, the lone aligator, sliced the tragedy of my life. I was so gross, I pray for forgiveness and such as to say.


I had to learn beyond the "scope" which was taught to me by my parents and the "establishment".

I will cry at times in this life, for the wrong which I have done.

IN of ITSELF: If someone wants to ride a motorcycle it’s their choice to say they choose that activity, if someone wants to slash their own wrists, it’s their choice of allowance. It is NOT ok if someone wants to kill another outside of defense. (that would be Murder) As a society, one of our collective major malfunctions was the way we treated other animals.  Accidents are another thing all together, where collectively in society by theory of force and time spent elsewhere,  there would be less accidents if we were not RAPING.

Say ANIMAL FREEDOM, hope in such to say.

On one hand you Tell the kid that it’s not ok to kick/punch someone else outside the lines of defense, and then with the other hand you slice meat right before the kid's eyes, no wonder they can’t see. (the confusion sets in)

I am sorry to all the creatures from the earth-worm, to the buffalo, to the man to the mouse.  Please forgive me I will stand and strive for vegan law. Say no to slavery. The chains and whippings of the Ox-pulled plow do cause PAIN.

it is imperative that we have laws to protect all animals

The whole concept of murdering animals and then eating such flesh, is GROSS/disgusting,  it is first and foremost UNETHICAL.How disgusting is it to eat another animal, to suck their milk? To eat their eggs! What is this disease which  plagues us?

I am sorry to the chicken for aborting your attempt at a baby, and then painting them up and such.

And I am sorry to the rabbit for putting you up as the culprit(holding the basket) of things that man did wrong. (Some old friends of mine had an idea of making beaded lines/bracelet/necklace, instead of attacking the bird in that sick display) Painting Rocks, that sounds interesting.

THE GREAT SOCIETY WHERE WE HAVE VEGAN LAW OUT OF COMMON SENSE, and we have that horrible story to not scare our children with but to tell them in honest truth so that their children and children’s children hopefully never have to repeat such tragedy, that is the HOPE. And as certain theorem's may apply to reality ~ WE may die and then return again one day, you never know...

How many cows did I have a hand in raping? Oh please forgive me...

When I stopped eating meat I think there was an amazing break-thru in the THOUGHT PROCESS.

Scum of the universe: I sat in that category when I was murdering animals and eating them.



When you sit down to really think about VEGANism it becomes "common-sense". The ideation that it is wrong to murder/abuse creatures. How could we have done such horrible things?

Consumption of animal products is disgusting and disgraceful.

To be truly in love, one must put down the slaughterous nature...


People who say it’s hard to be vegan,  really SEE that it is wrong to murder and take in that way. In other words look at it from the perspective of you, yourself being in chains and some "other" decides to eat you... that wouldn't be pleasant would it?

Just because you do not have anything to eat does not give you the right to eat me.

 HOPE  tell me that there will be many vegan foods in time to come, I can see all establishments, operating in that higher way. So as to say, what is it to say. Consider WHO YOU ARE,  I do not think you can’t escape that, one thing you can do is try to make sure you are truly creating who you really want to be.  BE VEGAN, set the tone.

It’s almost common sense to see that man is the one who went astray in a lot of cases by in the way of consuming animal products and  it may be simply logical to suggest that WE NEED TO CHANGE OUR WAYS and help other creatures where we can.

Perhaps people really need to think more of "brother and sister" type relationships with other creatures. Or merely just hopeful friends/companions.

We should protect one creature from the unjustified attack of another. The deer-wolf or LION-antelope example. Zoos/prisons/reform-schools may need to be used if we wish to PREVENT MURDERs.

I did not have parental figures telling/guiding me that murdering animals was wrong, if I did from a young age perhaps I would have not done all sorts of stupid things.

Does Meat eating PRODUCE violence or other bad tendencies or "less desired positionments"? (irregardless of whether or not the MEAT was from murdered creatures or not)

Considering People who say it’s ok to murder other-animals for "food",  do they say it’s ok for someone (man or other creature) to come and murder me or my wife in such a way? The point is ~ it’s not ok to murder animals, secondly meat is not "real-food". Perhaps evidence will come later to illustrate this more clearly... The poisoning of our souls... thru the poisoning of our bodies...

COMPASSION: Coming from me I pray to the people:  BE VEGAN

The way I use to kill(murder) animals was very IGNORANT.  I WAS WRONG

We are blessed with so many plants, we have such wonderful gifts and I may have taken such for granted at times ~ Today I give honor and thanks for the beautiful bounty we do have. GRATITUDE

I’m sorry to the salamander. The Fish in a tank. I am sorry the moths I jarred up, the mice in labs, the lonely-lizard  ... etc.

Secret SOUNDS OF PLANTS : to taste ~ to smell : TO SPEAK TO TALK

As I stretch my thoughts to find the reason(s) that enabled me to see the wrong in what I was doing. (Animal exploitation) There are many factors,  the environment as I said, had a lot to do with it. As did the plants themselves. Imagine that plants "teach" animals (a man mind you) that it was wrong to do certain things.  SOME SORT OF RELATIONSHIP

‘Waves’ carried by plants - the system’s corporation, an intelligent experience.

Manufactured by the same "plant".     CONCENTRATION S ON LOVE

I think perhaps Different Music helped me to some extent to awaken to be vegan I mean someone may ask me if those people who sing/perform were vegan and I would say I do not know but if they heard the story along these lines I bet they would wake up rather quickly if they have not already.

Perhaps there was some music that I couldn’t listen to when I was murdering/raping animals, because I couldn’t hear those times/tones/tunes.

Consider: Music appreciation "animal molecules".

I can not tell you what other animals may think about murder,  I am a human(who is an animal) and I can say that it is WRONG to murder any animal.


What gave me the ability to break out of the animal product control? ~ the brain function control of the "sickness". What about other synthetic chemicals? ~ So what was it? ~ it’s more than I know perhaps ... certain levels of conditioning perhaps... LEARNING OVER AND THRU THE LEVELS

A lot of it I think comes down to "general consciousness." AWARENESS/AWAKENING


 As far as blaming,  we could all easily say that it was our parent’s upbringing style and they in turn could do the same thing, and it could go on and on until you know what it would probably come right back to any given one of us. In specific cases, yes there may be ones who would/should rise and admit their position as the one to blame, for example~ if in fact someone was responsible for misguiding another.

The reason I ate meat, and most of us did was because it was taught to us, it was condoned.

OVERALL let us CHANGE and embrace a NEW TEACHING

So let us stand and take responsibility for our own actions we have made, and realize the charge to change which is inherent in us all ~ generationally.

Let us change together, let us stand together in the new light of the new day, let us see all that we strive for, ONE ANOTHER. As life is for learning, it is for giving as well. Let's LIVE RIGHT.


Perhaps the total revolution of a "vegan" turn will come from top down and bottom up, meeting in the middle. All fronts/levels ~ as the simultaneous action would produce a harmonious sound. People’s awareness and availability of better ways.


When you buy "packaged foods" ~ It is important to read ingredient-labels and know what you are putting into your body. It is probably NOT WISE TO buy products which have raped stuff in them.  When you do that you more directly support that rape, you buy it and go out and more rapes happen because they see you are buying it and they replace the product you just bought with more rape.

 If you are operating a regulated government, by and for the people you would be wise to have your "labeling guidelines" in order.


One thing to keep in mind, if you say you want that "highest power" protection which goes beyond anything we say here, I think we have to realize that such "protection" would be carried over to all life creatures in that way.  Your position and behavior as far as NO RAPE I think determines your stance and level of greater DEFENSE  you will have available unto you.


Don’t murder the ‘lofty-ones’ who fly.

Don’t murder the ‘life-forms’ who swim.

Don’t murder the ‘land-dwellers' who walk.

(Now there may be times when a society needs to use "force" in the name of applicable-defense,  that is another story all together.)     If your time has come and there is no-ethical substance for you to survive off of, DO NOT rape OR MURDER another to save your own life.



If people, like my parents(anybody’s parent), really cared about me(their child) then they’d stop raping animals. As to say it’s a matter of "life expectancy" a general quality of life... a vive.  for you and me and all our friends

So you believe in human rights? Then why do you still eat murdered meat? Think about it.

So you believe in peace, so you believe in love, but you still steal from and abuse the cows, what is that?


When individuals change back to the original diet(vegan), interesting things happen. When entire communities change back amazing things happen: all over quality-of-life improvement, civilization evolution~ more time for love and such to say. Make love, not wars and lies.

 picture all sorts of PLANT BASED DESSERTS

It really is true that I began to see so much more when I put down the murdering/raping action of my misguided-"learned behavior".   I began following more of my true self... who I really want to be.

mystic veganization: a closer community of life, and natural growing.

Babies born from the nutritionally safe-vegan womb/placenta/tube, would be better indeed than slaughtered or raped-fed tube/placentas/wombs.

Perhaps, some people were locked into a "brain drain" and it’s hard to get to them. As the wash, and the train do exist. And so the "consumption of animal products" as the disease truly manifests itself as an illness.

Consider, animal exploitation laws incorporated into real-time.

In the run of it, we the people come to see the vegan in the mirror, the sooner the better is the appropriate way to say it.

Talk about "growth inhibitors", meat and milk ~ so depressing, stagnating markings.

The slaughtering needs to stop.

Vegan Eagles. Yes!  Vegan Lions. VEGAN GATORS  Yes!

May we pray for the vegan revolution, and for it to take us away.


It is wrong to exploit other animals. However you come to see about veganism the hope is that compassion comes through all around. How would you like to be raped-murdered and then shrink-wrapped between plastic or placed in a can? Or to see that happening to your baby, I wouldn’t like it.


To eat an egg of another without permission, to exploit an animal ~ to make it serve you with its aches, is that what people want to become a captive donor to?

There are many reasons not to consume animal products : from the environmental reasons, both inside and out; the health of our earth to the health of our bodies. The idea of more efficient feeding/food production for relief of world hunger. But the underlying reason is out of compassion, a basic understanding that exploiting animals is wrong.

 It can be said that what ever the initial reason is that allows people to see the humane way, compassion is hoped to be seen throughout the eyes of the world(s).


The reason a lot of people are sick, is potentially because of the chemicals(negative) and murderous bio-blood. A lot of people would perhaps benefit from natural cleansing. Changing diets and perhaps in some cases fasting and exercise.

Sometimes you get trapped in a lifestyle, and you fail to see.

How would you like to come home from work and find out someone ate your wife/husband ?

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS : Vegan thinking about all the creatures. Thinking about our children.

I remember the "Times" when people all ‘came around’ and it was that platter which set the meal.  VEGAN all AROUND

There was the "wake up" and so there was that understanding...


There are many resources out there to help you change to be vegan, from : people, books, internet sites etc.  Just be cautious of potential pitfalls, the WRONGFUL ACTION of forced neuter/spay was a dead giveaway.

I, do not have all the answers, however I can tell you that veganism is the right direction, hope in peace.

Wish for Vegan law